Ty Mawr
November 2019
Case Study

Ty Mawr, Llangasty, Brecon

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Watch this space! This case has highlighted the issues around the application of conservation ethos, philosophy and the accepted principles of conservation in the evaluation of a proposal. In this case, the proposal included the installation of vernacular style dormers, that were fully justified, well designed, consistent with the evolution of the building and not materially harming any of the values of the historic asset. The work would be fully legible as contemporary alterations forming part of its ‘story’ and evolution. They would be fully reversible, respond to the need for natural light and views, add architectural value in the vernacular style, using local materials and craftsmanship – just as previous generations did!  The dialogue with the local planning authority is ongoing……with particular focus on the need to consider and balance the rationale, evidence and justification put forward, as required by guidance.
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